Wolf Hound

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A new custom shape for Genesis :?Wolf Hound
Comes with a full body morph and?7 facial morphs.
There’s?10 pose?presets and?7 texture?presets and mats.
Plus 2 conforming?fur pieces.
He’s a cross between a Hyena and a Wolf, bred to hunt?Lycans.
Great for all those spooky night scenes.

1 Genesis Shape
7 Head Morphs
1 Conforming Mane Fur
1 Conforming Chest Fur
4 Genesis Sub-Scenes featuring different Wolf-Hound sets
7 Material Presets for Genesis
4 Material Presets for Conforming Fur
10 Pose Presets for Genesis

Wolf Hound


A.M.S. F-Spec
Mamba for V4


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    Neptune X

    April 3, 2013

    Wow Again about time somebody started adding monsters and creatures we need more of these.

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    April 3, 2013

    Cool and creepy (in a good way) :D,

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