WinterWhirl G3F & G8F

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WinterWhirl G3F & G8F

WINTERWHIRL by [email protected]

Genesis 3 Females
Genesis 8 Females


Conforming items:

*12 Conforming pieces Genesis 3
*12 Conforming pieces Genesis 8

15 Iray Materials
08 3Delight Materials

14 Shaping style files
About the designs

Same pattern but with different positioning over the body.
You get two different pairs of pieces for each body part.
Intended to break the usual symmetry, giving a more
artistic or even handmade effect.

Usefull also for fitting the render angle and show the design.

All elements support perfectly the morphing via automorph.
No special figure morphs were included due the no need of.
All pieces have shaping, resizing and other morph targets.
Sorted also: One click Shaping and Styling pose files.

Some Bodymorphs could deform the jewelry’s mesh caused
by the radical change on the underlaying body structure.
This can be minimized using the Smoothing options.

Due to reasons of structure and rigging, the Armlets cannot be translated or resized.

If you need to move them or resize these, then you shouldn´t fit them to the figure and YES parent them as if were a prop.


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dForce Office Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)
dForce Kitty Sweater for Genesis 8 Female(s)

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