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Put the freeze on your virtual world with this stunning bundle of Thirty one SolidGrowth Plants and Nine Ecosystems for Vue versions 6 and 7!

This great package of plants covers everything you need to make your seen a winter wonderland, and icy wasteland, or spooky cold Vue scene. The plants and ecosystems in this package are designed to compliment the Winter Landscapes bundles also available in the WINTER’S GRIP COLLECTION. This pack is a little grimmer and darker in feel and really brings alive those cold dark months of winter in the north! .
As part of the huge Winters Grip Collection by plant and material creator Martin J Frost, this bundle is a must have addition to your plant and material library’s.
The Ecosystems in this bundle range from simple quick rendering background ecosystems of conifer covered slopes, to highly detailed foreground ecosystems of frozen grass land and thick shrubby woodlands. There really is something in this bundle for everyone! .


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