Wicked Heart Hair

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Wicked Heart Hair is a high quality cute updo hairstyle for Victoria 4, Aiko 4 and The Girl. The multi-layered hairprop comes with 32 different built-in morphs for adjusting, styling and wind effects. The hair includes a buckle with matching decoration to the Wicked Heart outfit.

Our “Click’n’Mix” system give you the possibility to create thousands of different color styles with just a few clicks. Choose one of the 25 included photorealistic and hi-res texture styles as a base and then apply a “Mix” and/or “Streaks” matpose to get colored strands. Have a look at the picture below to see all included colors and how the “Mix” and “Streaks” matposes work and apply. All matposes are included with special shader setups that make use of specularity- and bumpmaps

LK-Jomo M4


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