Whymsy Clothes for Genesis 3 Female(s)

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Whymsy, is not just a clothing set, it is a wearable work of art for Daz Studio Genesis 3 based characters. While the mesh itself is pretty yet simple, the included morphs and textures are impressive in quality and scope.

Whymsy is a clothing set that includes:

– a short shirt with bell-sleeves and a lovely neck with a rounded cleavage.
– a multi-layered skirt with longer back and pointed ends. With a middle lace-layer and a high, more rigid waist-belt.
– a pair of ankles jewels formed by two swirls of metal. The swirls can be used together or one at a time.
For Whymsy we have focused on all the important features:

The skirt rigging is highly customized, so much so that it looks and drapes wonderfully with most Genesis 3 movements. This was achieved through the creation of several custom corrective morphs. Practically this means you will not experience those ugly stretching on the clothing (that often happen with longer skirts and dresses) when your character moves.
That said while the corrective morphs cover *most* options/movements, they can’t cover *all/any* of them, so there may be instances where you need to fix the pose a little bit for the skirt to look great (or use the helper morphs on the skirt itself).

The custom rigging isn’t the only option, in fact you can entirely turn it off and use manual JCMs (the ones we created) and tens of other movement and helper morphs to perfectly fit the skirt to your character/movement.

A tutorial/walk-through (text + images) is included that illustrates all of the skirt features so that you can fully enjoy them!

The textures are full PBR with Metalness, Base Color, Glossiness, Roughness, Normal and Height (Displacement) maps that will make it look gorgeous in Iray. Diffuse and Specular maps are also included for those that prefer to use a Specular based shader or that use engines such as Octane. All our renders were made in DazStudio + Iray.
The textures are rich in details and quality. They feature life-like materials and fabrics and also some wear and tear to get rid of that brand-new garment effect.

Included are two beautiful color sets and 3 different styles: Clean, “Magic mess” (can also work for a clumsy painter) and Muddy dirt.

Great options to use the clothes for everyday (fantasy and non-fantasy) renders, but also for some gritty and dirt adventure. Or for some seemingly innocuous experimenting in a magic lab!

The movement morphs are far and wide. They range from simple to outright windy and crazy. The skirt includes 5 bones for quick movements (3 for the back and 2 for the front).
It also includes 28 movement morphs (Front, Back, Left. Right, Up, Random) and 50 Legs Movement Helper morphs, that can be used both as helper and movement morphs. In addition there are Other nice morphs, such as several sitting morphs, unbutton morphs, low waistline morphs and so on.

A prominent addition is that of 287 movement morphs that match the Whymsy poses. These morphs will look perfect when used in conjunction with the poses, but will actually also be usable and look amazing without the poses themselves. They are amazingly looking combined; they are awesome on their own!

Whymsy was born as the pretty, stylish and feminine ensemble for a fantasy mage, wizard or sorceress, (depending on how you get your magical energies flowing). Yet it also looks delicious for everyday modern renders.

In the “magic mess” style, the clumsy wizard that spills a potion on herself could easily turn into an over-eager painter that can’t wait to finish up her post-modern masterpiece!

The muddy version is good for those adventurous renders that see that enchantress leave her laboratory for the thrill of discovery and she’ll have to get her hands (and clothes) dirty along the way (she thought an additional armor spell may prove more useful than the instant laundry one and she’ll probably be right at the end of the day. Dirty, muddy, but in one piece)!

They can also be used for a modern kind of lost in the woods renders, or for a survivor, post-apocalyptic one (not everybody will wear tires)!

As always, we offer tools for your creativity and then your imagination is the limit. So explore, enjoy and exploit and give beautiful form to your inner worlds!

Genesis 3 wardrobe is there to be fun: mix, match, create unique and unusual outfits and characters. Whymsy top, skirt and ankles jewels look amazing together, but also mixed with other clothing pieces as they can add beauty and personality to anything!

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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