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Wet Body Gen 5 for Victoria & Michael 5 with LIE Wet Map Creator is a collection of specular maps that work with your favorite Victoria 5 & Michael 5 textures to turn them into a wet textures. From a basic skin glow to full body droplets to rolling water for a drenched look, Wet Body Gen 5 can do it all. Using the DAZ Studio Layered Image Editor (LIE) Wet Body Gen 5 gives you the ability to customize your wet look to your particular scene.

With this set you have several double click solutions, preset pose effects and the ability to detail your particular effect, controlling water placement through Studio’s LIE down to the drop level. Place drops on the forehead of your figure to create a nervous character, or underneath the eyes to create a crying one. Give character to your wet render by having a drop of water come down from the nose bridge to the lip or have water coming out of the mouth. Make it sexy by having drops slide down from Victoria’s back, neck or navel, or Michael’s chest, biceps or abs. You control your wet scene by having the ability to place the water where you want it.



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