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Becka is an extremely versitile, mini character set for Victoria 4 that comes with four make-up options, four lip color options and four eye color options. As a bonus, an additional full body mat file with tattoos is also included.

Becka’s textures have been optimized for both Poser (Poser 6 or higher standard shaders and P9 or higher SSS shaders) and DS4 or higher (using HSS shaders), guaranteed to give you beautiful renders no matter what platform you use!

Included in this set:

1 Face INJ/REM File

1 Body INJ/REM File

1 Default Mat File

1 Default Mat File with Tattoos

4 Eye Color Options

4 Lip Color Options (4 Lip Colors + 1 Default Color Option)

4 Make-Up Options (4 Make-ups + 1 Make-Up Off Option)

Poser 6 or higher, DS4 or higher, and Poser 9 SSS Shaders are all included.



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