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You can run….but you can’t hide!!!

Virus props and poses for Poser…..Vicky can be infected with it, beat it, fight it, or befriend it…the choice is yours!!!

You can easily change the color of the Viral prop in the material room….just change the colors on the Edge Blend node 😀

*4 Virus Props, PLUS 1 Virus Swarm
*30 Poses For Victoria 4
*30 Pose Mirrors For Victoria 4

In order to use the Prop poses, load the Prop into the scene and parent to Victoria 4’s Hip
(Object>Change Parent>Victoria 4>Hip)
then apply Prop pose.

Not all poses have matching prop poses!!

The Poses will work for V4 in Daz, but the prop HAS NOT been tested in Daz…..Material settings may need adjusting.


Mermaid II
Deadly Arrow Adornments - Butterflies

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