Versatile Glass Shader – Custom Shader and Presets for Iray

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In almost every scene you have some glass- may it be a window, a prop, a mirror or whatever.

Glass or surfaces with a glassy look can be so very different. Think only about the different types of glass or surfaces that look like glass: window glass, Plexiglas, minerals like diamonds, ice and much more. Glass has different refraction indexes based on the material.

If you like to have it realistic and detailed and do not want to struggle with the set up in Iray, then this custom glass shader for Iray is right for you.

Included is a custom shader with lots of controls (basic and advanced ones) you can use to set up your glass surfaces easily. Starting from the refraction index which can be set freely, the glass color, the surface structure to special effects like glowing glass, metallic layers and more.

For an easy and quick start there are also lots of presets included. Realistic refraction index presets for 16 types of glass or glass like materials like window glass, Plexiglas, Diamond, Silicon, Flint Glass and more. 6 different structures for the surface and tiling options. Your own bump and normal maps for other structures can be included in the shader too. Presets for basic colors, glowing effects, metallic layers, aberration, reflection, tint effect are included as well.

There are almost endless possibilities to set up the materials like you want it to have. Either by mixing the presets or setting up the shader controls by yourself, completely or using presets as a base for further adjustments. Saving your own presets for the the custom shader is possible too of course.

The provided presets are only for a quick start. The shader is not limited to the presets. You can freely set up any value, exactly as you need it.

What’s Included and Features
Versatile Glass Shader – Custom Shader and Presets for Iray:
Shader Options:
Refraction Indexes:
1.15 Very Clear Glass
1.31 Ice
1.43 Flourspar
1.46 Quartz Glass
1.49 Plexiglas
1.52 Window Glass
1.54 Quartz
1.55 Crown Glass
1.58 Polycarbonat
1.75 Flint Glass
1.76 Ruby
1.92 Lead Crystal
2.28 Potassium
2.41 Diamond
2.90 Selenium
3.42 Silicon
09 Base Colors
10 Tint Colors + 3 Intensity Presets
10 Metallic Effects + 3 Intensity Presets
04 Aberration Effects
03 Frosted Effects
06 Structure Presets + 3 Intensity and 6 Tiling Presets
10 Transmitted Color Presets
05 Emission Presets + 4 Intensity Presets
06 Opacity and Geometry Presets
05 Reflectivity Presets
Textures Included:
12 Texture, Bump, and Normal Maps (4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Shader and Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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