Veins HD for Genesis 2 Male(s)

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These morphs will work with any Genesis 2 Male(s) shapes currently available and any future shapes created by DAZ or any merchant for the Genesis 2 Male(s) platform. The set also includes diffuse layers (LIE) for each veins morph to increase the realism of the effect. Diffuse maps are texture UV dependent so the use of these diffuse (vein color) is limited to Michael 6 and Genesis 2 Male(s) (Teen Jayden) UVs.

10 High Definition Morphs for Genesis 2 Male Figure:
HD Veins Arms
HD Veins Legs
HD Veins Torso
HD Veins Forehead 1
HD Veins Forehead 2
HD Veins Forehead 3
HD Veins Forehead 4
HD Veins Neck 1
HD Veins Neck 2
HD Veins Neck 3
20 LIE Presets to Apply Diffuse Vein Color Layers:
10 Michael 6 LIE presets
10 Basic Male LIE preset
10 Pose Presets to apply HD Morphs: (.DUF)
5 Options Poses Presets
Apply Full Body HD and Color Veins to Michael 6
Apply Full Body HD and Color Veins to Teen Jayden
Apply 100% Full Body Vein Morphs
Apply 50% Full Body Vein Morphs
Zero all Vein Morphs
Textures Include:
32 Texture Maps (2048 x 2048)
DAZ Studio LIE Material Presets (.DUF)



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