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A very useful set of Science Fiction props.

This set is a subset of
Vector Corp Sci-fi Construction Set

What’s Included and Features

Props in Groups:
Clocks Walls Inner
Clocks Walls Outer
Exhaust Fans Inside
Exhaust Fans Outside
Fire Extinguishers
Monitors Loaded on the Beds Top and Bottom
Vapor Collectors
Each prop in these groups may be deleted of hidden
Props Single:
The Brig for locking up the rebels
Wall Clock
Crate 1
Crate 2
Crate 3
Crate 4
Crate 5
Exhaust Fan with working blades
Fire Extinguisher that can separate from it’s wall mount
Fuel Tank 1
Fuel Tank 2
Large Generator
Low Resolution Bird 01
Low Resolution Bird 02
Low Resolution Bird 03
Low Resolution Bird 04
Low Resolution Bird 05
Low Resolution Flock of Birds
Small Lamp
Hover Lift Truck that can drive in the direction you turn it
Monitor on a Stand fully articulated
Pallet for the Lift Truck
Portable Unit
Preset Hierarchical Materials:
Brown Exhaust Fans Grouped Preset Hierarchical Material
Gray Exhaust Fans Grouped Preset Hierarchical Material
Clean Monitors Grouped Preset Hierarchical Material
Dirty Monitors Grouped Preset Hierarchical Material
Monitors Screen On Grouped Preset Hierarchical Material
Monitors Screen Off Grouped Preset Hierarchical Material
Preset Materials:
Brig Light On Preset
Brig Light Off Preset
Brig Gray Preset
Brig Yellow Preset
Lamp 250 Watts Material Preset
Lamp 500 Watts Material Preset
Lamp 750 Watts Material Preset
Lamp 950 Watts Material Preset
Lamp Bulb Off Material Preset
Brown Generator Material Preset
Burgundy Generator Material Preset
Gray Generator Material Preset
Green Generator Material Preset
Red Generator Material Preset
Textures Include:
2,570 Texture Maps 1(920 x 1200 to 2048 x 2048)


This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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