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The V4 Tennis Outfit & Set is a six piece tennis outfit of Poser figures (CR2) that comes in two texture schemes with a hat, panty bottom, shoes w/socks, skirt, top and wristbands. Choose a pink or blue texture scheme with the provided MAT pose files. Plenty of sizing morphs will enable this outfit to fit?most any V4 character.

The V4 Tennis Outfit & Set also comes with a tennis court in three different configurations and four other tennis props (PP2) including a ball and racquet, bench and sport (water) bottle. The tennis court is provided in 3 configurations as separate props: a plain court & net; a court, net and ball-stop; and a court,?net and fence with door. Also, the tennis racquet is provided in two props as well – one is a free prop and the other is smart-propped to V4’s right hand.

The V4 Tennis Outfit & Set also includes seven action tennis poses and two hand poses – one for holding the racquet and another for holding the ball.

The V4 Tennis Outfit & Set also includes a PZ3 file that will load in the tennis court with a custom lighting scheme.

A useful and versatile figure and prop set, the V4 Tennis Outfit & Set package gives you everything you need to set up some rockin’ tennis scenes in Poser.

Everything comes as conforming clothing figures and props that can be loaded?from the content palette under the Figures and Props sections.

The V4 Tennis Outfit & Set package also comes with all of the texture templates?to allow you to give the figures and props a custom look of your own design.

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