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Adorn your V4 characters from head to foot with these elegant pearl jewelry
pieces! The V4 Pearls pack is a set of 31 props in PP2 format smart-propped
for Daz’s Victoria 4 character. Great for classical, modern, historical or
even fantasy scenes the V4 Pearls prop set will provide a comprehensive set
of high impact pearl jewelry pieces for your renders.

Although based on my original ‘Touch Of Elegance’ Pearl Set, this new set is
not a re-scaling and repackaging of that original creation. Every pearl jewelry
piece has been completely remodeled from scratch and then made to fit Daz’s V4
character. Every effort was made to get the best looking props with an efficient
a mesh as possible. So not only do the pearls look great, they will not drain
your system resources even if most of the props are used in combination.

Use different combinations to cover your V4 character from head to foot or just
use a few of the jewelry pieces to accessorize your chosen V4 outfit – The V4
Pearls prop set will suit your needs 🙂

The V4 Pearls set includes the following smartprops:

Anklet Left
Anklet Right
Armband Left
Armband Right
Belly Pearls
Bracelet Double Left
Bracelet Double Right
Bracelet Single Left
Bracelet Single Right
Bracelet Triple Left
Bracelet Triple Right
Choker 1
Choker 2
Choker 3
Earring 1 Left
Earring 1 Right
Earring 2 Left
Earring 2 Right
Earring 3 Left
Earring 3 Right
Headband 1
Headband 2
Headband 3
Knee Pearls Left
Knee Pearls Right
Necklace Double
Necklace Loop
Necklace Single
Ring Day&Night
Ring Single

Everything comes as smartprops that can be loaded from the Category menu.

Although the V4 Pearls props are smart-propped to work with V4 they can
easily be made to fit other Poser characters by repositioning and/or scaling
them if necessary.

All of the prop are completely modular and can be used separately or with other
jewelry sets for maximum use and enjoyment.

The V4 Pearls props have been tested to work in every version of Poser and they
should work in Daz Studio as well.


ShaderWorks Library Manager 2.5


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