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The third iteration in the Ultimate Natural series is a set of MCMs and JCMs for Olympia 6. They give more natural and realistic definition to Olympia 6’s arms,legs,neck movements. The morphs were sculpted specifically to support Olympia 6 body shape.

MCMs are for the Pose Controls for Arms and Neck-Head movement. Olympia’s shoulders have more articulated definitions. The scapulae also move with up, forward and back arm movements to give her body a much higher degree of realism.

Thigh Bend JCMs give Olympia 6 truly natural thigh, buttock definitions. Now her buttocks move both more realistically and beautifully. The frontal pubis area is also smoothly sculpted so that the geo-grafting anatomy integrates more naturally.

Shin bend JCMs give definitions to the knee region and calf bulge.

Forearm bend JCMs enable Olympia’s elbows to bend realistically with a more explicit edge.

“Ultimate Natural for Olympia 6 body” is a must-have add-on when you are seeking a higher degree of realism with your renders. Perfect for pin-ups, portrait, artistic nude work and more.

The conforming clothes will fit to the movement automatically.

All rendered images were created with “Ultimate Natural for Olympia 6 Body”.

What’s Included and Features
Ultimate Natural for Olympia 6 Body JCM: (.DSF)
Forearms Bend
Collars Fwd/Back
ThighBend Fwd/Back
Shin Bend
Ultimate Natural for Olympia 6 Body MCM: (.DSF)
Neck-Head Bend Up/Down
Neck-Head Side-Side
Neck-Head Twist Left/Right
Arms Front-Back
Arms Up-Down

This product contains only new Morphs for Genesis 2 Female, there are no user-facing files.
Genesis 2 Female shapes are automatically compatible with Genesis 2 Female in Poser via the DSON Importer for Poser.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

Required: Link to post:
Olympia 6 http://3d-stuff.ru/olympia-6-pro-bundle/



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