Ultimate Breasts Morphs for Genesis 3 Female

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This is the ultimate collection of breast shapes for the Genesis 3 Female(s)! Brand new morphs, hand sculpted from photo references and fantasy artwork. Included are a total of 42 full breast shape morphs. A huge range of shapes are provided, organized into the categories Small, Medium, Natural, Implant, Fantasy, and Crazy. There are also a variety of nipple and areola morphs to get the exact look you want. Every morph can be combined. Mix and match – create the perfect breasts for G3F!

Note that while this package may look similar to the Genesis 2 Ultimate Breasts, these shapes have been created from scratch for Genesis 3. Brand new shapes have also been added. The morphs have also been optimized for Victoria 7. This has taken a lot of time and is not simply a re-release!

Also included are very useful shape mixer poses. They randomize G3F’s breast shape (One mixer for a smaller/medium size, one mixer for larger/crazy sizes), and one randomizes the nipple/areola shape! This quickly and easily gives you an endless amount of possibilities.

Lastly there are 8 super sexy poses included to show-off G3F’s new breasts, with mirrors. This is truly an all-in-one package!

Don’t forget, this is also a merchant resource! You can create your very own custom breast shape, and then include it in your character package for sale! Offer customers a little extra bonus. 🙂 **See the ReadMe for Merchant Resource distribution information**

** For DAZ Studio 4.6+ only **

Included in this package:

42 Breast Morphs:
8 Small Shapes
8 Natural Shapes
6 Medium Shapes
8 Implant Shapes
10 Fantasy Shapes
2 Crazy Shapes

Nipple and Areola Morphs:
8 Nipple Movement Morphs
5 Nipple Shaping Morphs
3 Areola Shaping Morphs
10 Large Nipple and Areola Shape Presets
10 Small Nipple and Areola Shape Presets

Shape Randomizers:
Mix Normal Sized Shapes
Mix Large Sized Shapes
Mix Nipple Shapes

8 full body poses with mirrors (16 poses total)


Sexy Shapes - Genesis 3 Female
Rundown Apartment

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