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The paneled front door has brass fittings and is framed by an imposing porch with twin marble columns and steps down to the street. There is a detailed lantern (smart propped) to illuminate the entrance. On the first floor, two pairs of french windows lead out from the drawing room onto an encaustic tiled balcony which runs the full width of the house and is edged with a low balustrade. There are 10 pairs of working sash windows. The top sets, being for the nursery, are protected with safety bars. A gate in the iron railings opens onto a flight of steps, which descend to the servants’ level. There are poses to position the building to the left and right to create a seamless row of houses, and MAT poses to alter the house numbers displayed in gold paint on the window over the front door. There are dummy rooms which are smart propped to click into place behind each of the windows.


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