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Totally Bazaar 1 for DS 3 and above is a huge and unique set of high quality textures in shader form that will let you transform your existing runtime assets into convincing ethnic clothing. This set gives you more than three hundred high quality shaders with displacement and specular maps to add realism to your tribal and exotic renders. It includes the following ethnic collections: Native American, South Pacific, Turkish, South American and Morroccan, as well as a collection of “Goodies” comprising more than fifty general and tribal textures to enhance all your renders. These include different kinds of rope and gold and silver braded trims, feathers, shells, coir, hemp, palm weave, wicker, bone, ebony, ivory and a collection of homespun plain cloths for your diffuse color choice. The set is like a treasure chest where you will find Native American beading, quilling, suedes and traditional textiles. There are colourful Hawaiian prints, grass skirt textures, Maori feathers and tapa cloths from Fijii and Papua New Guinea. Travel to South America for folksy stripes and ancient llama weaves as well as Mexican folk fabrics and weaves from Guatemala. Exotic and intricate embroideries and weaves from Morocco will add instant texturing pizzazz, as will the bold brocades of Turkey. Totally Bazaar 1 is an exciting and unusual collection which emphasises authenticity and adds breadth and depth to your texturing options.


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