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He may be old but, don’t call him a clunker. There is still some life left in this junker. A new Toon-Bot you say, well he looks old to me. I think there?s a chance he is Chip’s Grand Pappy. But just because he’s old, that don’t mean he’s not fun. So what if he can?t, jump, dance or run. He still renders great, I mean, for his old age. So load him in Poser and, you?ll have fun for days. For adding him to your renders, you?re such a kind soul, For rendering Toon-Bots, even ones that are old.

Toon-Bot Stumpy the newest original figure for Poser and Daz Studio. Brought to you by Runtime DNA and Mark “tate” Holmes.
Toon-Bot Stumpy Original figure for Poser
Textures (Eight MAT Poses)
Poses (8 still)
Stumpy’s Cane Prop
Toon-Bots Lights

..::Morphs/ERC controls::..
Twenty Two Facial Morph Targets

ERC controls on the Hand/Fingers
Hand Grasp
IK on legs

66096 Polycount


Power Barbarian M4 Edition
IMPACTS: Seek for V4/A4/G4/Elite


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