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This was once a nice place, crowds on shopping day, full of produce crates, Model-Ts, and happy shopkeeps. The decay set on by the years, grime and wear, graffiti and vandalism, crosses every wall like lines on an aged man’s face. Now the din of traffic is regularly pierced by sirens and the roar of thundering trucks. This is Tin Pan Alley, a place the city wants to forget about.

Take a trip between the busy city streets into Tin Pan Alley. You get four working doors, and over 50 parented props, so your urban experience is complete in every detail. High-resolution texture and bump maps bring this gritty alley to life, giving your artwork the authentic “edge” it deserves.

Take a side-trip off the busy streets, you never know what you may find….
By Stonemason!



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