Time in a bottle

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Dear Diary….
I love him, so much, just writing this puts a smile in my face.
I love his smile, his tenderness.
Every time I think about how he looked at me last night, I wish i could save Time In A Bottle…

Have you ever wished you could save those wonderful moments in a bottle and store them forever?

Put some romantic moments in your Artwork…with this beautifully crafted backdrop set.

High Quality mesh
Detailed, crafted texture maps

The cork from the bottle has three morph variations (On the opener, near the bottle, & in the bottle)
Pillow has 4 different morph shapes
Window can open and close

4 dramatic light presets
Product Includes:
2 Backdrops as obj and pp2 files (One with shaders for the window glass, one without.)
Curtain as obj and pp2 file
Big Clock as obj and pp2 file
One table, one chair as obj and pp2 file
Vine glass, Vine bottle, bottle opener, cork as obj and pp2 files
Diary, photo-frame, pen box and feather as obj and pp2 files
Pillow & pillow add on as obj and pp2 files
One hourglass as obj and pp2 file
69 image-maps
69 bump-maps

4 lights presets


Swirly Tree little scenery
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    May 13, 2013

    Thank you, I just put it on my wish list

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