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Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go………………….

From the haunted realms where dark artists live, comes to life a vision of a child with dark eyes, pale skin, bruised and battered by her earthly life. In the dark of night, with darker heart and silver needle with silver thread, she quietly stitches the pieces of her broken heart together, only to have it ripped open again.

Born of Thursday, she travels far and wide seeking out the darkest corners in search of love.
*Several styles of shading to allow for minimum detail and full on advanced effects
*Very detailed texture mapping
*Unique variety of choices on eyes, lend to a highly stylized yet universally dynamic render effect.
Product Includes:
* Thursdays Child texture maps (plain, bruised, and bruised and stitched)
* Bump maps, displacement maps
* Material settings from basic to advanced
* Several Eye Material settings and texture options
* INJ/REM Face File
* Additional Face File

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Thursdays Child Dress
Caged for Imprisonment


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