The Room

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This is highly detailed model of Sci-Fi room. Each wall, ceiling and floor are separated props. That way, You won’t have problem with posing camera inside room. Just remove wall that obstruct Your view or make it invinsible.

Another good thing is that You don’t need to waste render resources on all parts, just pose the one You need for scene. Room is modeled with high geometry details and hi- res textures for representative renders. In pack You’ll find following props: – north wall (round window – can be equiped with shades) – east wall (with bed,table and shelves) – west wall (with shower, cabinets and diner counter) – south wall (entrance – can be equipped with door prop) – ceiling (with pipes) – floor – morphable simple chair (morphable to bar chair) – morphable shower curtain (in open or close position) – morphable window shades (in open or close position) – door for entrance – ceiling lamp

Throne Room
The Containment Facility

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