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Inspired by the famous character of a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books originally published by Pacific Comics. Created by writer/artist Dave Stevens, the character first appeared in 1982 and is a homage to the Saturday matinee serial heroes from the 1930s through the 1950s.

The famous character’s secret identity is Cliff Secord, a stunt pilot who discovers a mysterious jetpack that allows him to fly. His adventures are set in Los Angeles and New York in 1938, and Stevens gave them a retro, nostalgic feel influenced by the King of the Rocket Men and Commando Cody movie serials (both from Republic Pictures), and pinup diva Bettie Page.

In 1938 Los Angeles, Cliff Secord, a local racing pilot and barnstormer, discovers a rocket pack hidden by two gangsters fleeing the police. When he decides to take it for a spin, his life is turned upside down – in more ways than one!

Background, Character on images are NOT included!

This package contains:

The Rocketman Outfit.duf
TR Gloves.duf
TR Harness.duf
TR Helmet.duf
TR Jet Pack.duf
TR Leather Jacket.duf
TR Left Boot.duf
TR Mauser.duf
TR Pant.duf
TR Right Boot.duf

The Rocketman Outfit GM8.duf
TR Gloves GM8.duf
TR Harness GM8.duf
TR Helmet.duf
TR Jet Pack.duf
TR Leather Jacket GM8.duf
TR Left Boot GM8.duf
TR Mauser GM8.duf
TR Pant GM8.duf
TR Right Boot GM8.duf

Props :

TR Gloves
TR Gloves GM8
TR Harness
TR Harness GM8
TR Helmet
TR Jet Pack
TR Leather Jacket
TR Leather Jacket GM8
TR Left Boot
TR Left Boot GM8
TR Mauser
TR Mauser Loader
TR Pant
TR Pant GM8
TR Right Boot
TR Right Boot GM8

Materials Iray (.DUF)

TR Boot.duf
TR Gloves.duf
TR Harness.duf
TR Helmet.duf
TR Jet Pack.duf
TR Leather Jacket.duf
TR Mauser.duf
TR Pant.duf

Textures Include:
133 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (4096 x 4096 to 512 x 512 )


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