The Mage for V4

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Included in this set:
01 INJ Face File
01 REM Face File
01 INJ Body File
01 REM Body File
01 Default MAT File
01 INJ/REM Hand Tattoo File
01 INJ/REM Torso Tattoo File
07 Eye Color Files
03 Sclera Color Files
03 Lip Files (03 Lip colors + 01 Default Lip file)
03 Make-Up Files (03 Make-Up files + 1 Make-Up OFF file)
10 Facial Expressions
10 Full-Body Poses + Mirrors (20 Poses Total)
01 Magical Mage’s Staff Prop
01 Hand Pose for the Staff (both left and right, plus zero hands)

Poser 9 SSS & DS3A or higher HSS Shader options for all above mat pose options

For Poser users only, a dynamic cloth two-piece outfit for the mage (dress and draping shawl) is available in the Rendo Freebies section.


Sexy Frills Outfit for V4
Strict Teacher V4/A4/G4/Elite

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