The Lilithai Strigoia Bundle, Volume 1

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Meet these two sisters, Angyalka and Piroska!
Freshly risen, they still look almost human, almost alive. Surely this is of advantage when the need for fresh prey arises…
Both characters come with custom morph based head shapes, custom morphed ears and teeth and a bronzed healthy looking skin with two options: plain and mystically tattoed.
A choice of make up styles, eye, lip and nail colors gives you a palette to chose from.

The included set of accessories has everything it needs to complete your Lilithai Strigoia ladies.
It comes with a conforming set of wings, a conforming tail, matching feather layers for both wings and tail, and as a bonus: conforming harpy legs!

On top of this, make a lasting an memorable impression with this extensive set of conforming figures for Victoria 4!
Designed to thematically fit our Lilithai Strigoia theme, you will get a tight fitting laced bodysuit, matching torso, shin, hand and head armor with wickedly sharp claws, plus conforming tied lace ends for the detailing finish.
All pieces are customizable with the provided partial MATs to hide certain material groups. The bodysuit even contains an extra morph shape to accomodate the bonus harpy legs of the accessories package of this series!

Let your nightmarish horror take flight and stalk the inoccents’ dreams!


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