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The Casino series brings you Slotmachines. The casino’s are full of them, in every size and style. Now you are able to expand your casino with these beloved realistic slotmachines.
The figure of the slotmachine has a morphable roof, with 3 different targets. You can lift the roof, to create a halfpipe, you can bring the front more forwards, and you can bring a loop in the sides!
When you load the figure from your poser library, the stand(smartprop), is automatically attached to the figure. The slotmachine consists out of 4 different parts. The body, reel1, reel2, reel3, and the lever. You can rotate and pull the reels and levers seperately to easily set the right pose, or to even animate, in just a few clicks.
There are thousands of different slotmachines, and it wouldn’t be nice to just give you one theme for your slots, as that would be pretty boring. So in this pack, there are 4 different themes included! They are drawn at an extreme high resolution, to make amazing close-up renders.
All props and figures are UV-mapped and textured. Textures are hi-detailed from 1024×1024 – 2048×2048 pixels.
Models available in *.PP2, and *.OBJ, to easily import the models in your favorite render application.


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