The Back Room

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The Back Room is where deals are made and snitches are taken care of. Play a game of poker or plan a bank heist, the Back Room is that dimly lit place that is invitation only.

This set is one large room prop filled with lots of kit bash-able smaller props. A smaller second hallway lies to the back of the room with a pass through window good for taking bets on illegal
races or to frustrate zombies who want in. There is a working wall safe and security door that leads to a small outer hall. The Skylight actually lights the scene in Iray renders using Emissive light with 3 mood option. Overhead light can easily be added to give more light to the room or to sweat the location of a hidden base out of an enemy spy.Did I mention the Hot Seat? Yay it’s hooked up to a car battery and well… Hot.


Outline for Genesis 3 Female(s)

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