Tender Moments for M4V4

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Tender Moments for M4V4

A collection of 20 sets of couples poses for Michael 4 and Victoria 4 that capture the essence of romance. Have you been dying to make a render that just oozes tenderness and love? Then give this set a try. You get 10 sets of lounging poses, five were created using the L-XV sofa and with just the most minor of adjustments can be used on most other sofa.

The other five were created for lounging on the floor or any other regular flat surface you can think of. You also get 10 sets of standing poses as well included in these are some walking, cuddling, and even a tender moment during a piggy back ride. In addition to the 20 pose sets you also will get the mirrors of each set to suit any render! That means you get a whopping 80 poses plus the zero poses for both Michael and Victoria. I really hope you will enjoy using these poses as much as I enjoyed creating them.


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  1. Damien

    July 14, 2014

    Link is dead

    Can you reup?


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