Sweet Peach

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Accents for Sweet Peach
3DA Georgia Peaches


Sweet Peach, a stylish, sexy, yet sweet outfit for your Southern Belle. The outfit consists of a Bodice, Sleeves, Choker, Overskirt, Underskirt, Panty, Stockings, Pumps, and of course that floppy, wide-brimmed hat. All parts of the outfit, with the exception of the hat, contain superconforming morphs.

Superconforming Full Body Morphs: Aiko (Body, Petite, Realistic, Stylized), Amazon, Bulk, Definition, Fitness, Thin, Voluptuous, and Young
Each part of the outfit (with the exception of the hat) has Partial Body morphs. These morphs are hidden in the Body tab as it is not necessary for you to dial them. (PBM listed in the readme).
Adjustment morphs for the Bodice, Sleeves, both Skirts, Stockings, Panty, Necklace, and Hat
JCMs for the Bodice (Hidden)



Accents for Sweet Peach
3DA Georgia Peaches

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