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Whats Included:

The Props:

– 05 Fascinators Left & Right (parented to V4)
– 01 Smart Propped Small Butterfly (parented to Fasc. 01)
– 01 Bonus stand alone Butterfly (not parented)

All props load from the props library, all props except the stand alone butterfly are parented to V4’s head, and will load a small distance from her actual head in a general “starting point” for you to move/adjust as needed. You will need to adjust the props to fit the hair you are using. You may need to use the rotate dials as well as the trans dials to position the fascinator prop where you feel it suits your needs best. There is almost no wrong place! Put it where you like!

You may also use these on any other figure you see fit, but will need to adjust and re-parent them.

The Materials:

Each Fascinator has several material options for you to customize your look!

– 03 Feather Options Fasc. 01
– 03 Metals for Gears/Key (Gold/Silver/Copper)
– 12 Materials for the Large Stone
– 12 Pearls for Fasc. 01 & 05
– 08 Feathers for Fasc. 02 & 05
– 08 Flowers for Fasc. 02 & 05
– 06 Butterflies for Fasc. 03 & 04
– 08 Hats for Fasc. 05 (plus any color)
– 10 Veils for Fasc. 05 (plus any color)



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