Surreal Accents Collection: Masks 1

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Get your beauties ready for the masquerade! These amazing accents will vastly expand the possibilities with characters you already own and love.

These shaders apply over an existing skin, and combine with character sets you already own to create dramatic and stylish effects to better customize your character’s look. The shaders can be layered over one another to combine different looks to create something truly unique.

No fancy application or hunting through hidden menus is required; you just click on the thumbnail like you would with any normal MAT, and the shaders do their work.

These shaders work with skins with and without SSS. All files have gamma correction properly set to ensure those using the gamma correction functions won’t need to worry about unpredictable outcomes or hunting down texture files to make manual adjustments.

Product includes:
? 50 texture maps (jpg, 4000×4000, includes: color, bump, specular, displacement, transparency, alpha)
? 25 Mask Shaders (sh8, pz2, py)



PnD_Night Elegance
The Sushi Room

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