Supernoi HyperTerrains

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The Pillars of Ascension
QuadSpinner's Sunbeams

This dynamic collection of HyperTerrains? sports the most common patterns you can find in nature. They are chameleon rocks that can be adapted to almost any environment.
Supernoi? is based on a multitude of voronoi fractals that work together. This unique technique produces intricate cracks through rounded facets in the rock surface. The resulting shapes are dramatically realistic.
Inspired by the mouth-watering limestone rock wonders in Zion National Park, Supernoi showcases the outcome of nature’s evolutionary erosion process. These HyperTerrains appear as if they were created by the flow of sea water and subsequent ice wedging over millions of years. Grains carried by wind sandblasted these immense boulders.
This collection gives you tremendous flexibility. Each piece can be used in the desert, mountains, or countryside. They are also superb in wet areas along a river or creek bed. When using the arch (Skarn) as a large overhang, try positioning the other rocks near the base to create a more complex structure.


The Pillars of Ascension
QuadSpinner's Sunbeams

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