Super-Her Queen of the Dark

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This product has not been tested in other software such as Daz Studio, PP and Bryce however rsr files are included..

I do not offer support for Daz Studio with this product, However I believe from the beta tests that it will work just fine in Daz Studio.

Earth continued to sink deeper and deeper into chaos. Global warming raged with no end in site. Throughout the galaxy all of the powers in the universe met. It had become apparent that the people of Earth would not bring order to their planet. The magnetic field of the universe was at stake. The massive amounts of heat coming from Earth could cause an explosion of such magnitude that it could throw other planets out of their orbits. The repercussions of that would be catastrophic to the entire universe.

There was only one choice. Send in the Queens of the Super-Her race to restore order. ? Super-Her Queen Of The Dark? was the next to volunteer for the mission. Her power was the queen of the ?Keepers of the Laws?. The black raven was her ally. The universe was created using specific laws. Those that understood the laws could use them for positive or negative results. Some of the laws, such as the law of attraction and the law of polarity were quite volatile and in the hands of people who sought gain from creating chaos and could be quite deadly.
The Queen Of the Dark can see deep into the hearts and minds of people. Her knowledge of the law gave her the ability to track not only those who sought to create the chaos but what laws they were using to create it. This was a great power and allied with the powers of the other ?Super-Her? beings that were arriving on Earth the great council of galactic leaders hoped to avert the looming catastrophe.



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