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“Especially fine craftsmanship, refined noble metals and only the most pure of gems and stones are used to create the Sun Dew – a magical item for your Victoria 4 and Aiko 4.

Sun Dews are considered to be rare and extremely powerful artefacts. The attached vial and spoon within can be used to collect and store liquids of all sort, even those with magical properties.
Specific to their use, Sun Dews come either in gold or silver to hold, store and channel energies of their corresponding elements:
Gold Sun Dews would be associated with powers of the earth, fire and the sun.
Silver Sun Dews were used to handle energies of air, wind and the moon.”


textures are 2500 x 2500 pixels
bumpmaps are 2000 x 2000 pixels
transmaps are 1500 x 1500 pixels
ambience map is 1500 x 1500 pixels
reflection map is 500 x 500 pixels

Product Includes:

one blank conforming collar without morphs
INJ and REM to inject and remove two seperate groups of morphs (collar morphs and bodyshape morphs) – or all at once
two distinct MATs for the Sun Dew
converted DAZ|Studio materials for the collar (in the separate content-folder)

Additional Notes:

The Sun Dew is an especially delicate piece of conforming jewelry, modeled with separate granule pearls and additional fine filigree – so it is a bit ‘heavy’ on the polygon side.
I tried to minimize the load for Poser to handle by creating a blank Sun Dew without all the body shape morphs and movement morphs for the jewelry. You can minimize the time it takes the Sun Dew to load by using this blank version and later inject the morph groups you need found in the ‘AK Sun Dew’ pose folder.
All the body shape morphs are approximations to Victoria’s and Aiko’s body shape. You might experience some pokethrough when posing your figure. So I recommend using the included fix morphs or even the scale dials in the body part ‘chest’!
Always keep in mind that extreme morph settings, especially multiple dials used, will create odd results on the Sun Dew. Distortion of the pendant pieces and collar can be seen when using more than one dial with a value of 1 or above.
The collar will look odd if you pose Vicky or Aiko with extreme head and/ or neck twists. To counter this effect, you might try to reset the neck twists with the appropriate dials in the body part ‘neck’ of the Sun Dew.



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