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There’s one rule for gorgeous female rendering: SOFT Lighting! Although it sounds simplistic, most lights are either too harsh and while dialing back the numbers they get too soft, losing their punch.

Even more so, it’s easy to get lost with 3-4 or more lights, while trying to deliver that soft look and feel females love.

The new amazing Studio Light PRO HDRI Iray Soft Light is a mix of carefully designed “8-in-1” single light source HDRI maps; creating a real punch as far as lighting goes while delivering ultra-smooth shadows at the same time.

Because there is only one light source per map, these lights are extremely easy to use–just point, render and experience gorgeous female renders.

These HDRI maps are easily the most advanced lightmaps created for Daz Studio, now available with a few mouse clicks!

Designed by bestselling Daz 3D published artist Val Cameron from Dreamlight.
What’s Included and Features

Studio Light PRO Iray HDRI – Soft Light (.DUF)
Render Settings:
Available in 7K and 10K Versions
SLP HDRI 0 BlackBack ColdLight
SLP HDRI 0 BlackBack WarmLight
SLP HDRI 0 BlackBack WarmToColdLight
SLP HDRI 0 BlackBack WhiteLight
SLP HDRI 1 BlackBackFog ColdLight
SLP HDRI 1 BlackBackFog WarmLight
SLP HDRI 1 BlackBackFog WarmToColdLight
SLP HDRI 1 BlackBackFog WhiteLight
SLP HDRI 2 DarkGreyBack ColdLight
SLP HDRI 2 DarkGreyBack WarmLight
SLP HDRI 2 DarkGreyBack WarmToColdLight
SLP HDRI 2 DarkGreyBack WhiteLight
SLP HDRI 3 MidGreyBack ColdLight
SLP HDRI 3 MidGreyBack WarmLight
SLP HDRI 3 MidGreyBack WarmToColdLight
SLP HDRI 3 MidGreyBack WhiteLight
SLP HDRI 4 LightGreyBack ColdLight
SLP HDRI 4 LightGreyBack WarmLight
SLP HDRI 4 LightGreyBack WarmToColdLight
SLP HDRI 4 LightGreyBack WhiteLight
SLP HDRI Angle 000
SLP HDRI Angle 015
SLP HDRI Angle 030
SLP HDRI Angle 045
SLP HDRI Angle 060
SLP HDRI Angle 075
SLP HDRI Angle 090
SLP HDRI Angle 105
SLP HDRI Angle 120
SLP HDRI Angle 135
SLP HDRI Angle 150
SLP HDRI Angle 165
SLP HDRI Angle 180
SLP HDRI Angle 195
SLP HDRI Angle 210
SLP HDRI Angle 225
SLP HDRI Angle 240
SLP HDRI Angle 255
SLP HDRI Angle 270
SLP HDRI Angle 285
SLP HDRI Angle 300
SLP HDRI Angle 315
SLP HDRI Angle 330
SLP HDRI Angle 345
SLP HDRI Color Cold1
SLP HDRI Color Cold2
SLP HDRI Color Cold3
SLP HDRI Color Normal
SLP HDRI Color Warm1
SLP HDRI Color Warm2
SLP HDRI Color Warm3
SLP HDRI Contrast HighBW
SLP HDRI Contrast HighColor
SLP HDRI Contrast Normal
SLP HDRI Int 010
SLP HDRI Int 020
SLP HDRI Int 030
SLP HDRI Int 040
SLP HDRI Int 050
SLP HDRI Int 060
SLP HDRI Int 070
SLP HDRI Int 080
SLP HDRI Int 090
SLP HDRI Int 100
SLP HDRI Int 110
SLP HDRI Int 120
SLP HDRI Int 130
SLP HDRI Int 140
SLP HDRI Int 150
SLP HDRI Int 160
SLP HDRI Int 170
SLP HDRI Int 180
SLP HDRI Int 190
SLP HDRI Int 200
SLP HDRI Int 210
SLP HDRI Int 220
SLP HDRI Int 230
SLP HDRI Int 240
SLP HDRI Int 250
Textures Include:
40 HDRI Maps (7000 x 3500 to 10000 x 5000)


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