Stormy Rain

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This package includes very basic models of light, medium and heavy rain falling vertically from the sky, models of slanted rain, windblown rain, falling rain that is bouncing back up up from umbrellas and low objects near the ground, two special rain models made so that you can shoot a scene through them, rainwater dripping from rooflines, raindrops beaded on flat surfaces such as windowpanes, and a small sheet of raindrop rings for the ground or waterbody.
It is difficult to develop convincing static models of something like rain which is inherently dynamic. Useful models of rain should catch the light. They should cast shadows. Real rain should splash. Real raindrops should be bigger when they?re closer, and smaller when they?re further away. Real rain should be windblown, and sometimes, it should come down in sheets. Real rain should make irregular raindrops on windowpanes, and drip convincingly off the roof.
Any program that can import .3DS files


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