SteamPunk – Streets

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SteamPunk is a fantasy fusion of Industrial, Mechanical, Futurism and Victorian Era. A collage of steam-powered technology amidst a backdrop of heavy industry, SteamPunk is a genre that embodies the vision and future of man and machines in its most primitive shapes.

“SteamPunk Streets” is a hallway through the compact world of SteamPunk. Create a series of shops and houses that can go not only horizontal, but vertical as well. Make a subterranean city of pipes and machines, a city inside a machine.

Combine with “SteamPunk – Vents” to create a diverse tunnels to adjoin the different streets and create a maze-like city that goes in all directions.


Pumpkin Head Pete - The Scarecrow
SteamPunk - Vents

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