Steamed Lab – Tube Rack & Tongs

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“Steamed Lab: Tube Rack & Tongs” is a wonderful addition to “Steamed Lab”, offering more experiment options.

The Tube Rack figure holds 5 test tubes, each of them with a LiquidFill morph to vary the tube’s liquid level. The Tube Rack itself has a FeetTransX dial (accessible from the Hip body part), to give you more sitting options.

The Tongs figure can open and close like real tongs would via the TongsOpen dial, and also has a a TipsBend morph. Both dials are accessible from the Hip body part.
? The Tube Rack figure has 1 FeetTransX dial in “Hip” body part, to offer more sitting look options
? The Tongs figure has 2 dials in “Hip” body part:
TongsOpen – controls the opening of the Tongs arms
TipsBend – controls the bending of the Tongs arms tips
Product Includes:
? 1 Tube Rack figure, loading with a 5 test tubes (to Steamed Lab’s LabBench height)
? 1 Tongs figure (loading to Steamed Lab’s Lab Bench height)
? 4 MAT poses (includes .ds MAT files): Tongs1, Tongs2, TubeRack1, TubeRack2
? 8 textures (1024 by 1024 pixels each)
? 1 texture template



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