Stay Down Part 1 – M4 Edition

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I’ve been getting a lot of requests for knockout and defeat poses, and I am happy to deliver.

With the goal of creating an extremely versatile pack, I’ve included 42 unique poses of M4 in various defeated and Ko’ed postions. Poses include:

6 Crawling poses
6 Face down poses
6 On back poses
6 Left side poses
6 Right side poses
6 Sitting poses
6 Kneeling poses

…and for those of you who have already purchased the V4 pack, these aren’t just identical poses with different hip translations. While there are equivalent M4 poses, most had to be reworked to look better/masculine with M4’s physique.

This pack is perfect for enhancing your fight art. Whether you want your character struggling to get up, crawling to safety or knocked out on the mat, you will be off to a quick start with Stay Down!

Stay Down Part 1 - V4 Edition

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