Starlight: Mary-Lyn

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Artist was always one of her greatest fans and tried several times to make a morph of the “Icon”, but was never really happy with the result. This time, ??? quite satisfied how it came out, it least think ?? got a good likeness to the young Norma-Jean.

This packs need a lot more researches on clothes (for the promos), poses, Hair and Makeup’s, so that I can packs like this not very often, but I will try to bring my customers also a bit glamour in the Poser-World and not to make it more expensive than my other packs.
The Makeup’s are all made after the Makeup’s she wore and I apologize for not colour variations, but in the 50’s were people just not as adventurous as we are today!


Teenage-Babe Susi
Sophie for V4


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