Star Struck Twinkle for A4

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Defenders of Atlantis Bundle


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,

Here’s the Girl who stole your heart.

Floating, spinning, glowing bright,

moving swiftly though the night.

Flitting through the Dew-Strewn Land,

calling Magic to her hand.

Her Wings alight and her Staff aglow,

she brings forth the Dawn that we all know.

From Dawn to Dusk and Dusk to Dawn,

she floats along as our lives carry on.

We may see her, or we may not,

it depends on her whim like it or not.

She is Twinkle the Fae that commands

the light and magic to her hand,

She carries her staff with her wings alight

and ensure’s the coming of each magical night.



Defenders of Atlantis Bundle

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