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Everybody loves a clown…don’t they ? !

They feast on your fear,
They will always be here,
Haunting us and plotting our diabolical demise..

Living deep within your dreams, their sinister faces creeping thru the dark into view, never knowing what lies beneath the colourful makeup and painted on smiles..
Behind the greasepaint and laughter, Stan lurks in the shadows waiting to invade your runtime and your imaginations, dredging up your deepest fears and making them vividly real ..Can you handle the nightmare…can you

– 1 Original Custom Character Head INJ/REM for M4
– 2 Custom Body INJ/REM for M4 (Plumpy and Lean Meany)
– 1 Complete Detailed Base Texture for M4
– 5 Evil Clown Face Textures
– 9 Eyes (Demon,Dark,Complete Black and also 6 Glowing Effect Iris Colours) – That work in minimal lighting..
– 2nd Skin Options = Nude..Tattoos on back and Forearms..Jeans with Tattoos only..Dirty Clown Suit with Tattoos
– 1 Genital Texture
– 16 Smart Props
– Unique Geomoetry
– Distinct Design
– Externally referenced obj’s



The Seven Deadly Clowns
Anatomically Correct Evolution: TRINITY


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