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“Hang around, Gangsta!”
Time is a monster, so i had badly done on this building. This is a old, used staircase and hallway, something you definitly need for your comic books or stories. When i worked on modelling this, a lot of stories popped into my mind what to do with it: from Gangster Stories to Agent Films, etc…
The Entire Set is split into four main parts: The Staircase, the Hallway, the room and the exterieur. All parts are separate figures and all those figures have their walls beiing separate bones. So, you can load it in one, but disable every single piece to allow long focal lense shots?
Can something be more comfortable?
The set has been modelled, to allow different styles. Over time i will add more style sets through my freebies, so you can make this worn, old set to a new styles set or whatever. Stay tuned, more is coming.
Out of the box, this set contains:
– Main Staircase Figure with boned walls and Doors (with morphable curtains)
– Main Hallway Section with eight Doors (with morphable curtains)
– Exterieur Set with a fake wall and stoned ground
– A single room (with morphable curtains)
– A Dumpster (small) with injected Morph to slide the lid
(Lights are designed and tested in poser 2010 / 8 but work in Poser 7 down as well)
– Main Daylight light
– Nightlight for the Staircase
– Nightlight for the Hallway
– Outer Nightlight
– Single Room Light
– 22 different poses to this set for M4 and V4 (check the content snapshot)
– 8 camera sets



FW Dan Megapack
Doomed Poet Poses and Expressions

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