Specimen 13: The Walker

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The woman curled in the corner of her cell as the nurse looked on through the window in horror. Violent convulsions began to wrack her body as she screamed, clawing at the thin cloth of her gown, shredding it to pieces. Though the room was dimly lit, just enough light caught her form to show the rippling, spidering veins spreading out through her flesh as the small bony surfaces raised and pierced the skin at chaotic invertals like the spinal structures of some demonic serpents. Coiling now into six somewhat regularly spaced rings on her back, the skin within each ruptured as enormous bone formations emerged. Fresh muscle and skin tissues knitted themselves together from the gaping wounds in her back, surrounding the bone structures and forming into six limbs, each tipped with a bulbous claw/stinger. With a final shudder, she fell still and after a moment, stood, looking back to the window as she flexed her new found limbs, a sinister smile accenting the gleam of evil in her eye.



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