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Small Pleasures…What would life be without them…

Everything you need to share that special moment with friends, partner…loved ones.

At sunrise, at dawn, after a long day of work, on a cool summer evening…when ever, where ever is up to you.

In the back yard, by the pool, by the sea, on a balcony somewhere in the Mediterranean, at a residence in Florence…

Small Pleasures can be set up to be in any surrounding you choose.

The full scene sits up to 4 people.

The whole scene is set up in a way that there won’t even be any cleaning up to do when the guests leave. *wink

There’s a pavement that has 2 extensions if needed, a round fence, 4 chairs, 2 decorative greens, a table, 4 sets of cups and saucers with spoons, a stack of dessert dishes with cookies on the top one.The cookies could easily be pancakes if rescaled.

There are cookies in the cookie jar that is exceptionally big for those cookie lovers out there and you can fill it up with cookies and move it all around just by selecting the jar, a sugar bowl with sugar and a sugar spoon that can be in the bowl or on the table and a teapot.

The cookie jar and the sugar bowl can have their tops on them or on the table.

You can pour a cup of tea also if you like. Each cup has its own tea prop and so does the teapot.

Make the cookie pot bigger and use it as a planter too. Put the greens in it to decorate the table or your scene.

Use the metals included to create your own variations of the props.

Everything moves together by selecting the pavement and if there isn’t any pavement by the table for only the tea set. Of course you can always move each individual prop also.

The shape of the cup allows it to fit easily into V4’s and most figures’ hands.

The height of the table, chairs and pavement allow you to use most poses with very little manual adjustments.

? 16 Poser5+ Materials

? Poser6+ Materials

?This pack has not been tested in DS.?


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Flora Sprite for Genesis 2 Female(s)

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