Skyreach Moon Set for Daz 4

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This set has been created to make backgrounds that are easy to manipulate and can render each time to look unique and interesting.

This was achieved by creating a layered Sky Dome using transparencies.

The Background dome is solid and provides the prominent colour in the background, Blue for day or Black for night. Adjusting the the diffuse color on this prop will allow for a vast diversity of looks.

The Star Dome is the next layer in, this layer has stars and transparency to allow the background to be seen. There are 5 different Star maps included that have different looks from realistic to fantasy type star fields.

The Cloud Dome is the inner layer and features clouds, textures and transparency to see through to the Stars and Background layer. There are seven different Cloud maps included and each can be made to look dramatically different by altering the diffusion color or other effects.

Together these 3 Domes create a total sky environment featuring Stars, Sky colour(Background) and Clouds.
By utilising the just the Background dome and the Cloud dome you can make great looking daytime scenes.

Also included is a moon prop with 4 poses, 11 different material styles including Full, half, quarter and Fantasy styles. The moon is parented to a Camera for easy positioning. Make sure to select the sky arc when applying textures or poses. And use the camera to position in your scene. You can also adjust the diffuse layer or the built in lights on this prop to change the look.

By rotating the domes or moon you can animate the environment easily creating realistic cloud movement.


Options for V4
Dream Home Entrance Lanai and Mud Room


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