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Emerie is reborn! SkinTime Emerie HD is a thorough redesign of the character, with vastly superior render quality and anatomical realism.

This is the base package for Emerie HD, and can be used to replace SkinTime Emerie and SkinTime 2.0; this pack will still work with all the expansion content for the previous versions of Emerie, however Emerie HD will have her own new line of ultra-sexy HD second skins, makeups, and more!

This package includes the following:

Full HD Emerie MATs (see ads for comparison with the original Emerie!)
Full Body Morph
Full “Slim” Body Morph for an alternate look
HD Emerie Head Morph
4x Eye Colors
6x Nail Colors
4x HD Makeups

Full second skin costume with realistic leather reflection:

HD Suit Body
HD Suit Leggings
HD Suit Sleeves
HD Suit Gloves

Also included are MATs to RESET Emerie HD’s textures on various parts of her body, which will come in handy
when using her upcoming expansion packs.

HD Bare Arms
HD Bare Legs
HD Bare Top
HD Bare Hips

This character was designed with classic beauty in mind, evoking the artistic fantasy women of yore, all the way to fiesty flapper beauties and hot young hipsters! Stay tuned for a lot more Emerie HD content coming soon. Emerie takes a quantum leap!


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