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SkinTime 2.0 is fully compatible with SkinTime: Emerie and all her expansions, as well as all Sexy Circuits content! Mix n’ match the outfits, legs, makeups, morphs and body textures for incredible variety.

SkinTime 2.0 is a standalone package LOADED with options:

ST2 Body Morph
ST2 Head Morph

9 Different Eyes MATs
8 Fingernail MATs
8 Toenail MATs
11 Lips MATs
12 Different Makeups

Full Nude Body Textures
– Nude Torso MAT
– Nude Legs MAT
– Nude Arms MAT
– Natural Head/Face MAT

Full Tattoo Body Textures
– Tattoo Chest MAT
– Tattoo Hips MAT
– Tattoo Legs MAT
– Tattoo Arms MAT

Full Ninja Suit MATs
– Ninja Torso
– Ninja Mask
– Ninja Gloves
– Ninja Boots

Silver Suit Torso MAT
Banded Silver Legs MAT
Banded Silver Arms MAT
Fantasy Suit 1 Torso MAT
Fantasy Suit 2 Torso MAT


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