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Her daddy buys her everything she wants, her mommy allows her to use her make-up and clothes… Boys lose their heads when they kiss her but she is never happy!

A spoiled brat with an attitude, this is the teenager Sissy Prissy.

If you want a little princess to dominate and complain inside your Runtime than our girl is perfect for you.

Two different MAT options included, with or without sub surface scattering. two cutom head morph (you need Aiko4 morphs for one of the heads)

In this package you’ll find:

– INJ Head
– REM Head
– INJ Head Aiko4
– REM Head Aiko4
– INJ Body
– REM Body
– MAT Base
– 5 MAT Eye colors
– 5 MAT Eye colors SSS
– 8 MAT Face
– 8 MAT Face SSS
– 5 MAT Lips
– 5 MAT Lips SSS
– 5 MAT Lips Glossy
– 5 MAT Lips SSS Glossy
– 1 MAT Nails
– 1 MAT Nails SSS
– 3 MAT Nails colours

Promos rendered in Poser, Reality3 for Poser and Daz 4.6.

This item works in DAZ but there are NO DS files in it (DUF files) only PZ2 and the shades may need adjustments in Daz.

For better results with skin realism and to avoid issues with the specular maps, if you are using Daz 4.6 remember to check the “gamma correction” button and set 2.20 prior to render.

Important note: If you use Daz do not use the SSS version of our MAT files as those are Poser only.

Note to Daz users:

We try our best to make our products compatible with Daz.

We are currentely using only Poser but we have tested this product in Daz version 4.6 and the result can be seen in the last promo image that, while not artistically great (sorry, we are still newbies with Daz3d), shows that this product works in it.
Unfortunately we can not guarantee that this product will function properly in every version of Daz as we can only talk about the version 4.6.
Buyer discretion is advised before purchasing this item.


OrdinaryLingerie for Victoria4
:: Lindy Montana V4 ::

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