Sickle Straight Leg Jeans Texture Expansion

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Are your Straight Leg Jeans looking too pristine? It’s time for some creative destruction!

This set includes the following textures for the Sickle Straight Leg Jeans, either the M4 or V4 version (these mats work on both). All numbers are by “icon count,” meaning that .dsa and .pz2 are not counted separately to inflate the number.

Base Cutoffs: Fuseling’s cutoff trans maps applied to the original Straight Leg Jeans textures. Each one available in calf, knee and thigh-length. 19 options.

Damaged: Two different “fashionable destroyed” versions of the original base textures, with and without trans map. 16 options.

Darkhartt: All-new clean and worn “work jeans” textures by Fuseling. 6 options.

Darkhartt Cutoffs: Fuseling’s cutoff trans map applied to the Darkhartt jeans. 18 options.

Ragged: A realistic “torn” look for the original base textures featuring a detailed transmap. 8 options.


All mats are available in both .dsa and .pz2 format; clicking the icon will apply the appropriate mat for your program. These have been individually set up in Poser 7 and DAZ Studio 3.1, not made with automation. They should work perfectly upon first application, with no tweaking required.

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